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New Resource Agreements


In 2017, led by Auxiliary Services, the University executed one of the largest and most complex agreements in university history.  A 10 year pouring rights agreement with PepsiCo with a total projected value of $???.  The agreement incorporates an academic component that was custom-designed to benefit University of Utah students through experiential education. As part of the agreement, PepsiCo will fund a several internships and scholarships, a brand ambassador program and other career development opportunities. Efforts supporting sustainability and a recycling program aim to boost engagement at the broader U community level.

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Expenditure Control

The U Campus is now completely digital. We have removed the old analog signs from campus and installed new, state of the art digital signage that include interactive way-finding signs. These signs provide a single solution digital signage system that serves the informational, promotional, branding, entertainment and emergency broadcast needs of the University as a whole.

Expenditure control: The objective is to ensure that public resources are spent as intended, within authorized limits, and following sound financial management principles.

Workspace utilization: By tracking space utilization metrics, the university is understanding space requirements by building and student and designing agile learning environments for students that allow teaching spaces to become more fully utilized while still promoting excellence and innovation.

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Resource Stewardship

The university has created a dedicated group of team members that explore the challenges of defining: where to reallocate resources, how much to reallocate, and how to execute the resource reallocation.  This working group determines where the resources will bring the most value, how much money and talent to redistribute, and how to put those shifts effectively into action.

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